Peter's Stories

So, let’s discuss the reasons agent’s don’t qualify buyers, the possible harm it does to sellers and how you can improve your qualifying techniques. So why is it that so many agents are willing to drop everything and show unqualified and unverified prospects a home without so much as a blink of an eye?

Aug 4

To avoid being picked for the “interview” in the first place, be aware of the way you portray yourself on social media and both on your personal and company websites. As real estate professionals, you should have private social profiles just for personal friends.

Jun 9

In our society, we hold onto many myths that put could us in grave danger. One of the most common is the myth of the straggly haired stranger. We think that dangerous people look creepy, unkempt, are unemployed and uneducated, and stick out like sore thumbs. By buying into these myths, we overlook people who might be incredibly dangerous because they look pretty much like the rest of us.

Jun 8