Roselind's Stories

In part 1, we dealt with the question, “Do we really need to do video?” The conclusion was, “Yes, I think the ground has shifted, and we need to jump.” OK, so, we are willing to jump, but in what direction? What’s the next step? How do videos get done? Real decisions will be made from real action, but here’s our thought process so far.

Jun 30

We just finished remodeling our website: new photos, new apps, new blog posts. A little video content seemed like a natural addition. Below, you’ll find the story of how a “little video” turned out to be not so little at all. Big decisions, doubts, goals, costs and time questions were suddenly up for discussion.

Jun 29

Buyers often think of a condominium as a multistory building. But a condominium is not limited to tall buildings. A condominium here in Austin has units with close to an acre of land around each.

May 6