Jonathan Pruzan, once thought to be a front-runner for CEO of Morgan Stanley, has been selected to run Pretium, a firm that owns tens of thousands of single-family rental homes
Sep 7
New tool comes as more homeowners look for ways to offset high housing costs, and as Airbnb looks to add more supply to keep prices down
Sep 7
Phoenix, Las Vegas and other Sunbelt metro areas saw the biggest slowdowns in investor activity as high rates and low demand cooled activity nationwide, according to reports
Aug 31
Over the past 6 years, a mysterious entity known only as Flannery Associates quietly scooped up nearly $900M in farmland outside the Bay Area. Now investors behind the plan have been revealed
Aug 30
Local Law 18, which requires short-term rental owners to register with the city, could siphon tens of millions of dollars in revenue from Airbnb when it goes into effect on Sept. 5 in New York City
Aug 29
A new report from CoreLogic is the latest to confirm that rent growth is falling back toward historical levels as the market moves on from unprecedented growth during COVID-19
Aug 25
Unburdened by rate lock, the share of first-time homebuyers rose to 50% this year, according to a new report from Zillow. That's the highest share since 2010
Aug 23
Experts expect US companies to adjust remote work policies in the coming 6-12 months as office market suffers. 'Our cultures are different around work-life balance,' said CBRE's Julie Whelan
Aug 22