App keeps your military clients just a tap away
AgentEdge's toolbox keeps buyers up to speed on every step of the real estate process
by Lee Davenport | Sep 13
$128M acquisition puts Ellie Mae closer to 'first true digital mortgage'
Offerings combo will provide 'personalized, high-tech and human-touch experience' for consumers, company says
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Investor alleges Zillow lied about co-marketing program
Lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of shareholders
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 31
Hurricane Harvey victims granted temporary relief from foreclosure
Call your mortgage servicer if you've been hit, agency says
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Blend's mortgage tech attracts $100M funding round
Digital lending rat race heats up as money pours into the space
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Freddie and Fannie's appraisal-free mortgages to slash closing times
Mortgage guarantor's use of AVMs will be boon to buyers, gut-punch to appraisers
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Nationstar does a branding 180, becomes 'Mr. Cooper'
Name change comes with an increased focus on customer service
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6 tips to help credit-challenged clients improve scores
Angelic behavior for a few months won’t erase past poor decisions
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MID 'a wasteful use of federal resources,' says housing group
Introducing a capped tax credit and reducing MID-eligible mortgages to $500K are two proposed solutions
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9 ways homebuyers can improve their credit scores
Buyers will find it easier to get a home loan using these tips
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What’s an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loan?
The benefits and risks associated with borrowing at compressed rates
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Check out loanDepot's very SoCal plans for its 'mello Innovation Lab'
Tech campus will be designed to foster an 'open-air' work environment, relaxation and recreation for 400-plus team members
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What you should know about zero-down loans
Buyers need to know the pros and cons before making a decision
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Why aren't borrowers happier with their mortgage providers?
The new breed of first-time and young borrowers expect more than they seem to be getting
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Quicken slapped with $11M fine in class-action appraisal lawsuit
The lender says that the law firms involved in the suit are 'predatory' and that it plans to appeal
by Amber Taufen | Jul 25