Kunversion for Real Estate: Inman News Demo Day

See what Property Boost, Nosy Neighbor, Listing Machine and Chatty Agent can do for you

Did you happen to miss the new products for agents and brokers that Kunversion has just unleashed?

Catch the replay here, but in this Inman News Demo Day, the team at Kunversion gave us a great view of Property Boost, Listing Machine and Chatty Agent, not to mention a small peek at Kunversion, their flagship product in a full suite of tools designed to help agents supercharge their marketing arsenal, all while integrating and automating much of the heavy lifting.

kunversion for real estate

Join us for Inman News Demo Day with Kunversion. Kunversion has broken out four features of its high-end consumer relationship management platforms and made them available to brokers and agents on an individual, a la carte basis.

Nosy Neighbor and Listing Machine help agents generate seller leads; Property Boost enhances the marketing of listings using Facebook ads; and Chatty Agent provides real-time, 24/7 chat services on brokers’ and agents’ websites.

See the products in action, ask the tough questions and decide which Kunversion product is right for you.