Is 3D printing the answer for sustainable building?
The current construction industry remains powerful in its environmental degradation. However, 3D printing may offer a chance to rewire construction’s cyclical ideology, acting as a solution to both sustainability and efficiency
by Daniel Neiditch Aug 20
Habitat for Humanity is building a 3D-printed home in Arizona
In the midst of the race to solve an acute affordable housing crisis in Arizona, Habitat for Humanity is placing its bet on 3D printing
by Libertina Brandt Jun 14
Nonprofit New Story is building a 3D-printed neighborhood in Mexico
The 50 3D-printed homes will serve an impoverished community in southern Mexico where some families live on as little as $3 a day
Startups unveil $4,000 home built with a 3-D printer
New Story and Icon team up to create an affordable housing prototype that could be used at scale in the developing world
by Emma Hinchliffe Mar 12
A man typing on a keyboard
Free event will host members of tech and real estate industries to develop ways to help both
by Kimberly Manning Aug 22