When mansion prices touch the sky, what does an extra $100M mean?
Hubris and a lack of comparables at the highest echelons frequently collide for inexplicable price differences from 1 estate to the next. But as with all real estate, location and size still matter
by Lillian Dickerson May 20
Surfside condo architect had been suspended for faulty designs in past
William Friedman, the architect who designed the Surfside condo building that partially collapsed in late June, had been suspended by Florida's board of architecture in 1967 for designing buildings that could not withstand 1965's Hurricane Betsy
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 26
Architecture by the hour
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Architecture by the hour
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Tips to secure structural panels in seismic zones
2,450-square-foot Sarah Susanka design fills up lot, so no backyard
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House of the Week: from Curbed.com
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A-frame structure to stand in for earthquake-ravaged landmark
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Owner will donate any amount above $2.5M list price to Japan relief
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Admit it: Men do care about aesthetics
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When modernization goes too far
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Designs today seem inferior to 1920s revival styles
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