The decision comes amid a time of historically low interest rates and declining home sales
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 10
Bankruptcy trustee fights claim that Paul Manafort is owed relief in son-in-law's bankruptcy
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David Lyle Morgan allegedly tried to stop Fannie Mae from gaining a title so he could sell a property
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Mailers from an organization calling itself the Florida Real Estate Board demand $225
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Think outside the box in order to solve your clients' problems
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Turn your clients in the right direction
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If something is said often enough it's true, right?
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Rules differ depending on the federal agency backing the loan
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A closer look at where US debtors owe money
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Bank of America case could impact lenders’ willingness to extend loans secured by junior liens
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Board will choose from multiple candidates in more 'open and inclusive' election system
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From AOL Real Estate
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Deposit should be big enough to deter 'buyer's remorse'
by Benny Kass | Jul 24
But owners have the right to challenge fees they consider 'excessive'
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