An economist teaches you how to answer the 'rent vs own' question
It's one of the most popular questions you'll hear, especially from first-time homebuyers. Find out how to answer it expertly
by Matthew Gardner Mar 7
Why this economist says today's market is not a do-over of 2008
Now, although price growth through the pandemic period was clearly excessive, fundamentally speaking, the two periods cannot be considered to be similar at all
by Matthew Gardner Jan 30
Windermere debuts zavvie-powered comparison tool for sellers
Windermere Offers will allow people working with the brokerage's agents to compare various options for selling their homes
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 5
'No housing bubble': An economist's top 10 predictions for 2023
Cut through the online clutter and armchair quarterbacking of the real estate industry with these expert predictions from Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner
by Matthew Gardner Nov 28
Wrong predictions, rate jumps and what's (maybe) still to come
Although economists expected rates to rise this year, nobody anticipated how fast they would rise. So what went wrong? 
by Matthew Gardner Jul 27
An economist's take on what can be done about housing affordability
The massive price growth many of us have benefitted from in the past several years has put a 'starter home' out of reach for many Americans
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What the early census numbers say about moving patterns
There's a widespread belief that Americans have all packed up and moved because of the pandemic. However, the data that's coming in so far tells a different story
by Matthew Gardner May 26
How inflation actually supports buyer demand: Matthew Gardner
Other than when home prices crashed with the bursting of the housing bubble, for more than 50 years, home price growth has outpaced inflation. This means we are offsetting high consumer prices because home values are increasing at an even faster rate
by Matthew Gardner May 5
Real estate community applauds Seattle's repeal of unpopular head tax
A month ago, the city of Seattle imposed a $275-per-employee tax on big businesses — this week city officials walked it back
by Gill South Jun 14