Matthew's Stories
Why aren’t builders building more homes?
There needs to be a shift in government policy so that we can make it easier for builders to do what they do best
Jul 18
4 reasons Dodd-Frank will not be repealed by Trump
It's unlikely to be overturned entirely or prompt a subprime lending surge
Feb 16
Do you have 'average' credit? If so, getting a mortgage may be tough
Some lower-rated borrowers aren't even applying for mortgages -- why not?
Sep 6
No market shift in the making, says Windermere chief economist
Matthew Gardner responds to Gary Keller's predictions of a potential downturn on the horizon
Aug 12
How will the 2016 election affect the housing market?
What to expect -- and how to prepare your clients
Jul 5
What we know (and don't know) about the impact of Brexit
Things will start to settle down as soon as the smoke clears, but it remains remarkably dense.
Jun 27
How a federal interest rate hike impacts mortgage rates
What agents and homebuyers should know
May 26
An economist explains the historically low housing inventory
"In a normal market, price motivates people to sell, but that's not the case this time around." That's just the beginning of the explanation that Windermere's chief economist, Matthew Gardner, gives for the low inventory that's plaguing housing markets all over the country -- there's a domino effect to the lack of motivation to sell ...
May 18