Matthew's Stories

There seems to be a great deal of confusion between our current market conditions and those of the 2008-era housing crisis
Sep 28
Although economists expected rates to rise this year, nobody anticipated how fast they would rise. So what went wrong? 
Jul 27
The massive price growth many of us have benefitted from in the past several years has put a 'starter home' out of reach for many Americans
Jun 30
There's a widespread belief that Americans have all packed up and moved because of the pandemic. However, the data that's coming in so far tells a different story
May 26
Other than when home prices crashed with the bursting of the housing bubble, for more than 50 years, home price growth has outpaced inflation. This means we are offsetting high consumer prices because home values are increasing at an even faster rate
May 5
Although still in its infancy, blockchain and crypto continue to evolve, garnering significant interest from individuals and large corporations alike. Windermere economist Matthew Gardner shares insights to help you, and your clients, understand the potential
Apr 7
Interest rates are on the move, but maybe not in the direction you'd expect. Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner reveals what the Russian invasion of Ukraine may mean for interest rates and the spring housing market
Mar 11
Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner outlines the 10 trends that will have the biggest impact on the real estate industry and markets across the country.
Jan 31