Hudson Yards subway stop
Study compiled data from 805 agencies, 543,787 stop locations and 15,070 routes
by Kimberly Manning Jun 14
How does the average Houstonian get around?
The majority of Houston residents travel via car
by Inman Dec 4
LA commuters have it bad, says study
Report finds LA to be second worst in the country for traffic congestion
by Kimberley Sirk Nov 24
You’re not imagining it: DC commutes getting worse
Americans now back to pre-recession driving habits
by Kimberley Sirk Nov 13
INRIX search-by-commute-time tool now baked into mobile
Minnesota broker's iOS app lets buyers search listings by commute time to 3 locations
by Paul Hagey Sep 23
INRIX exec hints Windermere to add search by commute time
Tech company, soon to go public, sources real-time traffic data from about 100 million vehicles and devices
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 11