Hiding flaws behind flowery copy does nothing but waste the buyer's and their agent’s time
by Jay Thompson | Jul 17
Stripe founder says most of work to bring transactions online has yet to be done
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 11
Platform offers full-service solution from start of a lease life
by Kimberly Manning | Jul 14
RadPad hopes its revamped rent payment service will generate high-quality, valuable leads for landlords, rental brokers
by Paul Hagey | May 26
Zumper, Cozy and Lovely integrate credit reports, bring cumbersome process into the digital age
by Paul Hagey | Sep 9
Firm will continue to operate under co-founders Blake Pierson and Doug Wormhoudt
by Paul Hagey | Apr 2
San Francisco startup has sites on becoming end-to-end rental platform
by Paul Hagey | Mar 3
Cozy will grow the site's audience to include renters and use it to market its property management software for landlords
by Paul Hagey | Jan 7
Role of franchisors grows even as portals seek continued dominance
by Paul Hagey | Dec 31
Next up: Helping renters learn more about their neighborhoods
by Paul Hagey | Nov 21
Startup now helping 2,000 small landlords in 500 US cities manage payments and tenant paperwork
by Paul Hagey | Oct 15