Jay's Stories

As we roll into the next decade, look ahead, think like the consumer, watch for trends and don’t get stuck in the past
Dec 11
The majority of agents are ICs. Understanding what this classification means — and having a solid independent contractor agreement — is crucial for any successful brokerage
Dec 4
Don't let apathy take over amidst the festivities in the wake of the 'Newsday' investigation
Nov 26
It’s well past time to face the ugly truth — racial discrimination, as pointed out in the Newsday study, is happening in real estate. Denying it won’t make it go away
Nov 20
You can make real-life, long-lasting, legit connections and friends
Nov 15
People need to stop thinking of coming soons and pocket listings as identical. They aren’t, and they each need their own rules
Nov 6
The MLS functions because of bilateral cooperation and compensation. You have to 'pay to play,' and you pay with providing your listings
Oct 30
Sometimes, you need to isolate yourself from the world to gain clarity
Oct 23