Jay's Stories

A solid training and development program is quite likely to improve retention, as well as attract new talent. Although you may lose someone occasionally, you’re also going to have happier, more satisfied agents working for and with you
May 25
Although the overturning of Roe v. Wade promises to have a massive cultural impact, some experts also posit an impact on migration patterns
May 10
It's a tough world out there for real estate agents. Find out how to boost your self-confidence and communicate your unique value proposition
Apr 27
Marketing and building your brand are 2 of the most essential things you can do to build your business. There are countless ways to do both, but one of the most basic is using direct mail
Apr 5
You may have the best intentions in the world and consider yourself an advocate for women (I do). But now's the time to shut up and listen — don't learn this lesson the hard way
Mar 28
Volunteering for committee membership takes time. Attending meetings takes time. Simply applying takes time. It’s all time well spent
Mar 16
Agents are prone to wanting to fix everything; it’s the nature of the business. That makes it tough to communicate in the face of uncertainty
Mar 15
A good leader will improve the chance of success for their brokerage, their agents, their team and themselves
Mar 11