Inman Deals provides limited-time discounts on popular products and launches today with special offer on Placester
by Inman | Sep 23
Consumers get free or discounted home furnishings, electronics, other goods
by Inman | Oct 18
Brokerage also partners with Apple stores and mobile carriers for agent discounts
by Inman | Jul 12
Brokers get discounted pricing on enhanced listings
by Inman | Apr 18
Sellers in largest cities cut sooner and more often
by Inman | Apr 14
ZipRealty: Median list price falls 13% year-over-year
by Inman | Feb 15
ZipRealty report: Inventory rises 11.6%
by Inman | Dec 13
Report: For-sale inventory rises 10%
by Inman | Nov 17
Inventory is up 13.6% in 26 major markets
by Inman | Oct 8
Midwestern cities see highest share of reduced-price listings
by Inman | Sep 15
Average seller reduces price twice
by Inman | Sep 7
Survey reveals declining interest in foreclosure purchases
by Inman | May 21
Report: Default notices fall 44.6% year-over-year in March
by Inman | Apr 14