The Realtor organization's new campaign comes after a sweeping investigation in which journalists found endemic discrimination among Long Island's real estate community
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 25
Real estate agents have an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to promote fairness in the way their clients and others are treated. Asking questions and supporting clients are key elements in becoming an active advocate for fair housing in your market
by Lee Davenport Jul 4
Pride is not just a once of year celebration, it should be recognized year-round. Read on as one agent shares their personal story of hope and the courage to speak up for better
by Nicholas Acosta Jun 24
Unfortunately, laws are not magic because those laws do not magically stop violations from occurring. In the best case scenario, laws provide a possible remedy if there is proof of the violation and the violator is caught
by Lee Davenport Jun 17
Studies show that businesses that embrace diversity are more successful than their competitors. Team leaders should reevaluate their workplace and business plan for growth for today's modern consumer
As Realtors, we are responsible for ensuring that our actions do not unintentionally discriminate against any individual or group. Unfortunately, unintentional discrimination can be challenging to identify and even more difficult to avoid
Any time you spend preparing your teams to handle fair housing questions will save you time, money and reputation in the long run
by Joel Lock Jun 8
Un-fair housing is an impediment to homeownership. Without fair access and opportunity to buy a home in this land of the free, homeownership likely feels to those denied like a nightmare, not the American dream
by Lee Davenport Jun 6
Members of the AAPI community are carrying an undue burden in their quest to build financial wealth through homeownership. As members of the real estate community, it is our job to support homeownership for all
by Tim Hur May 31
Filed Wednesday, the lawsuit accuses brokerages and property owners of telling renters at risk of homelessness that their vouchers would not be accepted
by Daniel Houston May 26
Earlier this month, NAR's board of directors passed policies that touched on property reforms, fair lending enforcement and fair housing education for all real estate licensees, not just Realtors
by Andrea V. Brambila May 20
The trade group's special assessment for its 'That's Who We R' campaign will rise to $45 annually in 2023, in addition to NAR's membership dues, which the board voted Friday to keep at $150
Author Isabel Wilkerson urged NAR midyear attendees at the Realtors Legislative Meeting to roll up their sleeves and fix the consequences of past racist policies without guilt, shame or blame
Bias Override is a 3-hour course that identifies ways to prevent unconscious bias from influencing behavior. NAR doesn't require fair housing training, but that may change this week
There are smart ways to overcome a cash offer for that apartment, condo or co-op your buyer really wants. Here's how to go about making your buyer's offer more competitive