This Black History Month, it's time to put people over profits
Coach Lee Davenport talks to Richard and Leah Rothstein, bestselling authors of 'Just Action,' about the proactive steps we can take to help legacy residents flourish in the face of gentrification
by Lee Davenport Jan 15
The real estate agent's ultimate guide to fair housing
Real estate agents play a vital role in creating a fair and inclusive housing market, writes Julia Lashay Israel, helping to eliminate discrimination and promote equal opportunity for all
Beyond intent: What agents get wrong about fair housing
Fair housing isn't just about what you mean to do. It's also about the effect your action (or lack thereof) have on hopeful homeowners
by Lee Davenport Nov 29
How the Sitzer | Burnett decision hurts minority homebuyers
According to Keller Williams Head of Inclusion and Belonging Julia Lashay Israel, the Sitzer | Burnett commission case has broad implications for the accessibility of homeownership
How global events jeopardize fair housing (and what you can do)
Dr. Lee Davenport draws on both historical context and current events to describe how the latest news can impact the application of fair housing laws and policies
by Lee Davenport Oct 23
Don't let equity fall through the cracks as 'we' rebuild NAR
Amid massive leadership challenges, trainer and DEI expert Dr. Lee Davenport takes a deeper look at the 'we' in NAR's 'That's who we R' slogan and what it means to be a Realtor right now
by Lee Davenport Sep 8
Do you recognize housing discrimination when you see it?
Safe, affordable housing should be accessible for everyone. As Realtors, our responsibility is to our clients, no matter who they are
by Nora Crosthwaite Aug 15
WATCH: Housing in the post-affirmative action environment
Will the partial elimination of affirmative action in elite college admissions eventually impact representation, access and opportunity in the real estate industry?
by Lee Davenport Aug 3
Let's help legacy property owners fight unfair development
There's a desperate need for more housing inventory in the country, but that doesn't give developers unlimited rights
by Lee Davenport Jul 13
What kind of an impact will an hour of fair housing training have?
How fair housing is taught matters. Unfortunately, writes broker-owner Teresa Boardman, most fair housing courses are worse than useless
by Teresa Boardman Jul 4
Will chatbots make housing discrimination worse?
New artificial intelligence technology can recommend real estate listings based on neighborhoods' ethnic makeup. Experts are worried about the tech's potential for discrimination
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 20
WATCH: Taking action with 'Color of Law' author Richard Rothstein
Dr. Lee Davenport interviews New York Times best-selling author Richard Rothstein, author of 'The Color of Law,' along with Leah Rothstein, his co-author on the new 'Just Action'
by Lee Davenport Jun 19
NAR: We're committed to ending discrimination in real estate
In response to an Inman column Tuesday questioning the National Association of Realtors' response to discriminatory practices, NAR CEO Bob Goldberg defended the group's track record
by Bob Goldberg Jun 15
LISTEN: In today's market, can doing good help agents do well?
Atlanta broker-owner Amy McCoy joins Dr. Lee Davenport for a discussion of community advocacy and housing equity
by Lee Davenport Jun 6
Keller Williams, eXp Realty, others sued over alleged discrimination
The new lawsuit claims that a host of big-name real estate companies, as well as various landlords, refused to accept Section 8 vouchers for lower-income renters
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 1