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These characteristics, combined with a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for what they do, make great leaders more effective
Today 1:59 A.M.
Learn about the core pillars of an inclusive culture and how you can leverage them as components to take your brokerage to the top
Feb 6
Real estate agents should be familiar with these duties and make sure to adhere to them in order to avoid legal liability and to maintain the trust and confidence of their clients
Jan 20
A career in real estate can be tricky, with a lot of ups and downs. A vision board can help you maintain the right mindset and serves as a reminder of your big Why
Dec 20
If you're looking to set yourself apart from other professionals in the real estate industry, earning a designation or certification shows your peers and clients your unique areas of expertise
Dec 16
Studies show that businesses that embrace diversity are more successful than their competitors. Team leaders should reevaluate their workplace and business plan for growth for today's modern consumer
Jun 13