Settlement provides help to 137,846 borrowers in 4 months
by Inman | Sep 4
Robo-signing settlement requires similar efforts by other servicers
by Inman | Aug 8
Ohio AG says loan servicers 'sweeping problems under the rug'
by Inman | Oct 28
Affidavits in 102,000 pending cases to be resubmitted
by Inman | Oct 19
No moratorium, but problem servicers will face 'full force of the law'
by Inman | Oct 18
Loan servicers must double-check foreclosure, REO filings
by Inman | Oct 14
Chase, GMAC Mortgage expand foreclosure document reviews
by Inman | Oct 13
PNC becomes 4th lender to review procedures in 23 judicial foreclosure states
by Matt Carter | Oct 8
Title insurers standing firm as state and federal officials turn up heat
by Matt Carter | Oct 6
Fannie, Freddie instruct loan servicers to review foreclosure procedures
by Inman | Oct 4
Uncertainty could scare homebuyers from foreclosures
by Inman | Oct 1
'Robo-signing' scandal grows, could slow foreclosures
by Matt Carter | Sep 30
Policy mostly in effect for 'judicial foreclosure' states
by Inman | Sep 20