Portal's Apple apps now include HARP and FHA loan refinancing info
by Paul Hagey Jun 4
Backers say bill would cut costs for homeowners, boost economy
by Inman Feb 13
MacArthur Foundation seeking research proposals
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Some borrowers may lose money even with a smaller monthly payment
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Lender sees need for HARP program for non-Fannie, Freddie loans
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Billions set aside for homeowner relief haven't been spent
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Share of loans going to underwater borrowers also picking up
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Housing secretary to field questions about current, proposed programs
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Commentary: I did the math -- please prove me wrong
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Doubts about economy help keep inflation fears in check
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Reports suggest lenders are finding refis profitable
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CoreLogic: Hiccup in recovery could spur foreclosures
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As income and property values change, so do your chances to qualify
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Public records, valuation sometimes miss vital details
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22M borrowers have less than 20% stake in their homes
by Inman Nov 29