During ICLV, the founder and CEO of Shred Media shared a cost-effective Facebook ad strategy to build brand awareness.
by Inman | Today 4:44 P.M.
At ICLV, Grant Wise shares tips on how to make your life easier and ramp up your business by leveraging automation platforms
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Content marketing on YouTube sets up an entirely different (and better) dynamic between you and new clients, this Keller Williams agent said onstage at ICLV
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During a panel discussion at ICLV, experts shared their best advice for dealing with objections and challenges from clients, be they sellers or buyers
by Inman | Sep 5
How can MLSs and associations track who the top-producing teams are and what their production looks like? Panelists at ICLV discussed what needs to change to make this happen
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'You sell real estate to make a living, but you buy real estate to build wealth'
by Inman | Sep 4
At ICLV, Joseph Rand of Better Homes and Gardens describes where the real estate industry went astray, and how it can get back on track
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During a panel discussion at ICLV, brokers shared their advice on how to respond to cringe-worthy statements that question your value
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If you want to stop your brokerage from becoming an empty nest, you have to be willing to cut ties with agents who underperform or don't fit the company culture
by Inman | Aug 29
Three brokerages shared their recruiting strategies and best practices that you can apply to your business during a panel at ICLV
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The best way to start your year is at Inman Connect. Don’t miss this Early Bird discount
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A panel discussion at ICLV explored how adopting modern data standards can make the real estate industry more efficient
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Jessica Swesey took the ICLV crowd through a series of exercises to help them develop their brand. Watch the video to play along at home
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Facebook is an underrated platform for lead generation, said Digital Natives Founder James Rembert at Inman Connect Las Vegas
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At Inman Connect Las Vegas, industry experts consider how we can move MLSs into the future to work with iBuyer data in new ways
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