In markets with most restrictive regulations, home values jumped 25 percentage points for every 10 percentage-point increase in employment, new Zillow study finds
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The oil industry's affect on Houston looks even stronger when comparing it to other metros
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Results reveal best, worst places to buy or rent since the housing market hit rock bottom
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'It has to go beyond how much you are making -- it’s about your whole balance sheet.' - Claes Bell
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Research suggests cities with biggest employment gains are seeing slowdown in homebuilding
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Monthly Fannie Mae index provides new insights into housing market climate
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Buy-and-hold strategy can help you retire well before 65
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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac revise earlier estimates for July home sales
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Bankrate survey respondents say it offers more security than stockpiling cash or venturing into stocks
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SmartAsset analysis shows many cities in Western states have experienced steady home values and local economies in the last 2 decades
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CoreLogic analysis of delinquent mortgages and defaults shows borrowers are gainfully employed and staying current on their loans
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Endeavor America Loan Services says its data suggests millennials are maturing and could shape the next mortgage boom
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Fannie Mae’s June 2015 National Housing Survey sets new records for optimism in housing market thanks to strong supply and increasing rent prices
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Survey says consumers are still battling financial stress and worry, but how is that affecting their housing market outlook?
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Online real estate marketplace says sales look good thanks to job market, wage growth
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