Demand for purchase loans picks up, but so do mortgage rates
Applications for FHA mortgages and conforming loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were up last week even as rates crept back toward 2023 highs seen in August
by Matt Carter Sep 20
Homebuyer mortgage demand falls to lowest level since 1995
As mortgage rates hit new post-pandemic highs on inflation worries, MBA survey finds purchase loan demand down 5% week over week and 30% from a year ago
by Matt Carter Aug 23
Mortgage rate surpasses 7% in new 2023 high as demand falls again
Even after adjusting for seasonal factors, applications for purchase loans fell for the 5th-straight week as mixed inflation data raised doubts Fed will ease, pushing mortgage rates to new high
by Matt Carter Aug 16
Mortgage lenders tighten as homebuyer demand fades
Demand for purchase mortgages fell for a 4th consecutive week last week as rates continued to climb and inventories of homes for sale remained scarce, an MBA lender survey found
by Matt Carter Aug 9
Demand for mortgages wanes as rates plateau near 2023 highs
A decrease in applications for FHA loans popular with first-time homebuyers helped push the average purchase loan application to $432,700, according to the latest MBA lender survey
by Matt Carter Jul 26
Lower mortgage rates only boost refinancing applications
Requests for purchase loans are still down 21% from a year ago last week, even as mortgage rates retreat from 2023 highs on encouraging inflation news
by Matt Carter Jul 19
Mortgage applications surged last week but rates are climbing again
Homebuyer applications for purchase mortgages rose 5% last week, but a strong jobs report and ongoing bank instability are pushing mortgage rates back up
by Matt Carter May 10
Homebuyer demand for purchase mortgages up despite higher rates
Mortgage rates are expected to ease as markets anticipate Federal Reserve policymakers will raise rates just 1 more time this year and then reverse course
by Matt Carter Apr 26
Homebuyer demand up 3rd week in a row as mortgage rates ease
The unusually wide 'spread' between 10-year Treasury yields and 30-year fixed-rate mortgages means mortgage rates could have more room to come down
by Matt Carter Mar 22
Mortgage rates headed past 7% after Powell warns Congress on inflation
Futures markets are taking the Fed chair at his word that policymakers may have to hike rates faster and take them higher to combat inflation
by Matt Carter Mar 8
Homebuyer demand cools to lowest level since 1995 as rates rebound
Demand for purchase loans down 18% week over week and 41% from a year ago as mortgage rates rise for the second week in a row to hit new 2023 highs, MBA survey shows
by Matt Carter Feb 22
Mortgage rates may ease as modest Fed rate hike could be its last
Fed Chair Jerome Powell is telegraphing one more small adjustment in March, but some bond market investors think rate hike campaign may now be over
by Matt Carter Feb 1
Homebuyer demand for mortgages up for second week in a row
Purchase loan requests rise 3% week over week as mortgage rates ease but remain down 39% from the same time a year ago
by Matt Carter Jan 25
Refis ramp up as rates fall to 6.28% — but homebuyers stay on the fence
Requests to refinance accounted for 31% of all loan applications last week, well below the past decade’s average of 58%, according to a weekly MBA lender survey
by Matt Carter Jan 11
older millennial
Mortgage rates remain well below 2022 highs as the spring homebuying season approaches, according to a weekly lender survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association
by Matt Carter Jan 4