Investor activity keeps slowing down from pandemic-era highs
Phoenix, Las Vegas and other Sunbelt metro areas saw the biggest slowdowns in investor activity as high rates and low demand cooled activity nationwide, according to reports
by Taylor Anderson Aug 31
Nearly half of new-home buyers in the Southwest are backing out
Builders have seen cancellation rates spike this year as buyers now struggle to afford the homes they signed up for months ago, according to data from John Burns Real Estate Consulting
by Daniel Houston Dec 14
In 3 months, spending on new home construction fell by 9%
August numbers show spending on new single-family homes dropped to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $436B, a 2.9% fall from July, according to US Census Bureau data released Monday
by Daniel Houston Oct 3
Against the odds, some buyers are returning to newly built homes
Homebuilders are reporting shorter construction timelines and fewer supply-chain issues as they deal with a drop in demand for new houses, according to a new survey of homebuilders
by Daniel Houston Sep 8
As buyers balk, some homebuilders dread the months to come
Builder sentiment dropped at the second-fastest pace of the last two decades as construction companies began cutting costs, according to the National Association of Home Builders
by Daniel Houston Jul 19
More than half of homebuilders report cancellation uptick in June
In parts of the country, buyers are backing out of contracts for new homes at rates not seen since the shock of the pandemic first set in during March of 2020
by Daniel Houston Jul 8
Owning becomes more expensive than renting as rates, prices surge
Homeownership is 31% more expensive than renting, nationally. With demand shifting and the market for home purchases cooling, homebuilders now court investors, a report notes
by Ben Verde Jun 23
Sales declines, price drops and the return of buyer incentives: Oh my!
It’s getting hairy out there for homebuilders as construction leaders report that buyers are losing interest in pricy new properties now that mortgage rates have climbed, according to a new survey
Lumber prices seesaw lower, and some homebuilders aren't happy
The price of lumber took a big dip to start the week, just the latest unexpected shift in the cost of building a new home
by Daniel Houston May 11
High demand and low inventory is weeding out unqualified buyers
More than 9 in 10 homebuilders reported their homebuyer prospects were either more qualified to buy a new home or about as qualified as the ones from last spring, according to a new survey
by Daniel Houston Mar 8
Investors will lead home sales for foreseeable future: Study
John Burns Real Estate Consulting's new Resale Housing Market Index report reveals how buyers are struggling to beat investors in a frenzied market
by Marian McPherson Aug 25
Bubble trouble: Is the market on a collision course with disaster?
Soaring home prices have fueled talk of a bubble. Economists, however, think a gradual slowdown is more likely than a sudden pop
by Jim Dalrymple II May 3
Inventory insanity: The secret economic forces fueling the housing shortage
Many consumers may not realize it, but they're increasingly competing against institutional investors and contending with soaring building costs
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 13
How the Biden administration could help first-time homebuyers
At the National Association of Realtors’ Forecast Summit, economists said the market poses affordability hurdles for first-time buyers — even with mortgage rates at a record low
by Patrick Kearns Dec 11
A diverse portfolio is key as Americans flee to the suburbs
3 real estate investing experts share their thoughts on coronavirus-induced urban flight and what it means for property investors
by Marian McPherson Aug 4