The inspection process evaluates the current performance of the home’s systems and their features, not the cosmetic defects or design issues
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If you plan properly and are strategic with your marketing, you’re more likely to land great offers that will lead to a sale
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To keep transactions moving, the best move is to communicate, communicate, communicate
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If you find yourself in a 'no-win' position with a prospect or client and there is little to no hope of getting a deal done, then it is time to fire them
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Being human often means being indecisive, especially about big purchases like a house. Here are 6 ways to help clients stay focused
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The keys to putting clients at ease with the technology are time, clarity and explanation
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There’s enough business out there for everyone, we just need to take our expertise and adapt it for today’s consumer
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Creating fire on social media might just cause irreparable damage
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