It might not come as a surprise that a lot of agents still experience an intense fear of rejection, which might stop them from prospecting and attracting new business. But why is that? And how can they learn failure resilience?
by John Giffen Sep 13
When it comes to the general public, many don't believe agents work hard enough for the money they charge. Here's how to convey your true worth to clients — and counter their requests to lower your commission
by John Giffen Jul 12
Agents have to work to protect people from discriminatory practices and educate other professionals on the laws we have in place. So, here's what you need to know about discrimination in the industry — plus the fair housing laws that prohibit it
by John Giffen Jun 14
It can happen to any agent: Your buyers visit a new construction site without you, and you lose out on the commission. Here's how to avoid that and make sure you get paid
by John Giffen May 31
A signed buyer representation agreement solidifies the partnership between you and your client, while protecting them during the buying process
by John Giffen May 17
How do agents effectively operate their businesses moving into this summer and fall? The answer is simple: Know your value
by John Giffen May 3
Make it a priority in your daily schedule to connect with current and past clients as well as everyone in your sphere of influence
by John Giffen Apr 19
Changing a business plan four months into the year requires an in-depth discussion on how to adapt your prospecting, budgeting and overall strategy to tackle the new reality we find ourselves in at present
by John Giffen Apr 5
In real estate, not only do we sell homes, but also we sell our expertise, our education, our experience and ourselves to clients, but not every agent is naturally equipped
by John Giffen Mar 8
Every transaction is as different as its participants, but these timeless principles will get you through smoothly every time
by John Giffen Feb 23
Home sales resulting from divorce can be fraught with peril. Here's how to navigate through this rocky relationship terrain
by John Giffen Feb 9
Providing clients bad information could lead to a lawsuit or state regulatory agency complaint
by John Giffen Jan 26
Knowing when you need to take an issue to the next level
by John Giffen Jan 12
If you want to make more money next year and survive in this ever-changing profession we call real estate, then you need to develop a financial plan allowing you to achieve your goals
by John Giffen Dec 15
Making a targeted to-do list every day can increase your productivity. Here's how to make it work
by John Giffen Nov 29