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Providing clients bad information could lead to a lawsuit or state regulatory agency complaint
Today 2:47 A.M.
Knowing when you need to take an issue to the next level
Jan 12
If you want to make more money next year and survive in this ever-changing profession we call real estate, then you need to develop a financial plan allowing you to achieve your goals
Dec 15
Making a targeted to-do list every day can increase your productivity. Here's how to make it work
Nov 29
You might have ambitious long-term goals, but to achieve them, you must focus on the day-to-day
Nov 17
Set yourself up for longterm success by creating a business plan and executing it
Nov 3
Internet scammers are a serious concern for the real estate industry. Here's how to protect yourself and your clients
Oct 20
The inspection process evaluates the current performance of the home’s systems and their features, not the cosmetic defects or design issues
Oct 6