Free online web tool allows mortgage applicants to compare loan quotes
by Amy Tankersley Apr 26
Although the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule was created to make the homebuying process simpler and easier, a ClosingCorp survey suggests that experienced buyers are encountering ‘unexpected costs, fees and surprises’
by Amy Tankersley Mar 15
What people have been seeing since Oct. 3
by Bernice Ross Dec 14
As of October, the way homebuyers and sellers apply for a mortgage has changed
by Jacob Joseph Dec 2
What the experts are saying
by Octavio Nuiry Oct 29
The new Closing Disclosure will remove a lot of the buyer's anxiety from the home-buying process
Know that to ask and what to expect
by Bill Risser Oct 6
Don't be frightened by the new rules for mortgages
by Sue Benson Oct 6
Answers for your clients' questions
by Sue Burt Oct 2
CFPB provides tips to give your clients best closing experience come Oct. 3
by Amy Tankersley Aug 21
CFPB releases guide for agents on how to handle mortgage transactions after Oct. 3
by Amy Tankersley Aug 20
The forms, possible waiting periods and new roles all laid out for you
by Jeff Gould Jun 30
Sweeping mortgage regulation will disrupt the way lenders and other partners work together, but the transition doesn’t need to be painful, says NexTitle
by Amy Tankersley Jun 11
Leaders across real estate industry urge CFPB to implement ‘hold-harmless’ period for liability under new regs
by Amy Tankersley May 26