How union strikes like the Writers Guild of America impact real estate
From negative effects on the supply chain to confidence in the market, major union strikes like the WGA walkout and others before it can have a palpable impact on the real estate industry
After stable stretch, lumber's roller coaster ride scales yet another hill
Lumber futures were trading at $454 per thousand board feet Monday after ascending to $539 per thousand board feet the week earlier, according to numbers tracked at
by Daniel Houston Nov 1
Homebuilding materials remain 38% costlier than normal
Acquiring construction materials remains expensive for homebuilders, even as a reduction in demand may be relieving supply chains, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
by Daniel Houston Oct 12
Lumber prices see stable week after falling to normal levels
Construction costs remain high. But one of the biggest headaches for builders — obtaining lumber at a steady price — may be normalizing
by Daniel Houston Oct 11
Knock on wood: Cost of lumber drops back to pre-pandemic levels
Lumber futures have fallen back to where they were before the pandemic ignited a boom in housing and stretched supply chains to the limit, according to data compiled by Nasdaq
by Daniel Houston Sep 30
Lumber prices sawed in half in 2nd pandemic-era plunge
The price of lumber has taken another dramatic downturn, just the latest wild swing for builders in the cost of home construction
by Daniel Houston May 31
How homebuilders can take the sting out of supply chain woes
The pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, and multifamily leaders had to adapt. Here are just some of the ways builders are softening the blow of supply chain issues
by Michael Zaransky May 3
Lumber prices reach lowest 2022 level. But DIY projects already DOA
The price of lumber dropped to $829 per thousand board feet on Tuesday, a 39% drop from just a month earlier and 52% from May 2021, but it's still nearly double the pre-COVID rate
by Ben Verde Apr 14
Real estate in 2021 was weird, wild and always unpredictable
The year saw explosive rivalries, wild stock market performances and plenty of rage
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 13
Prices for home construction materials dip for first time in 2021
Builders got a break in August from the price increases of previous months, but the unpredictable swings in costs remained unwelcome
by Daniel Houston Sep 14
'Dire days lie ahead': The impact of COVID-19 and wildfires on housing
The recent onslaught of wildfires and accompanying smoke blanketing many states are combining with the pandemic with deadly results. It is not just personal health that is being affected — there are significant implications for real estate as well
by Carl Medford Aug 19
What on earth is going on with lumber prices?
Even though lumber prices have ticked down a bit recently, they're still drastically up from where they were last year. So, what's happening?
by Andrew Syrios Jul 13
Even if homebuilders wanted to quit lumber, they foresee big hurdles
Lumber prices remain high, but builders say a host of factors prevents them from switching to other materials
by Daniel Houston Jul 12
Police called to Home Depot to stop an exorcism in the lumber aisle
On Facebook, the Dickson City Police Department in Pennsylvania posted that the people who were attempting the dead tree exorcism were escorted out of the Home Depot
by Libertina Brandt Jun 25
Inman Handbook on new-home sales
New-home sales illuminate the health of the market, and where it might be heading in the near-term. As agents grapple with tight inventory, they'll want to keep an eye on the data