Michael's Stories

Change is constant. Business leaders, whether in the multifamily sector or elsewhere, need to understand that and remain agile and adaptable
May 31
The pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, and multifamily leaders had to adapt. Here are just some of the ways builders are softening the blow of supply chain issues
May 3
Finding that sweet spot between work life and home life is a matter of discipline, timing and scheduling. It’s a matter of committing oneself as much to self-care as to the job at hand, as much to me-time as to go-time
Mar 29
Business cards have pretty much gone the way of the bustle. It's time to bring branding in line with today's digital trends
Mar 1
Technology's contribution to your team can't be overestimated. However, it's the human element that has the biggest impact on your success
Feb 8
The market is ever-changing, and it is imperative that you change with it. It's an ongoing process, one that never ends
Feb 1
A good negotiation is all about finding balance, not browbeating the other side into submission. Here's how to negotiate in an effective way that will set you up for continued success in the multifamily sector
Dec 8
Team cohesion, as much as it mattered before, matters more now. Team members want to be engaged and in the loop. It falls upon management to ensure that happens
Nov 30