Michael's Stories

Satisfying renters is the North Star in the multifamily sector. That is the mundane matter that must be mastered
Dec 27
Whether the business is being passed from one generation to another or a successor is rising through the ranks, it's important to have a plan in place for continuing the leadership of your business after you've retired
Dec 2
Despite setbacks and uncertainties, multifamily investors can plan for the future by staying informed and open to the possibilities of change in the months ahead
Nov 11
Finding and retaining the right talent to manage your investments is a fine art. Personality, work ethic and heart are key factors that these recruiters will not compromise on
Oct 11
While people dread giving and receiving feedback, it can be one of the most powerful tools for improving professional performance
Oct 6
The old ways of doing things are giving way to newer, more innovative management styles that work, both for you and those you lead
Aug 4
When owning multifamily properties in multiple markets, there is a gap that must be bridged between owners and those serving their interests
Jul 5
Change is constant. Business leaders, whether in the multifamily sector or elsewhere, need to understand that and remain agile and adaptable
May 31