Carl's Stories

Leadership is not an inherent quality; it can be learned and constantly improved, according to PLACE's Ben Kinney and Brian Gubernick. They've identified these 8 leadership game-changers
Mar 15
Healthy competition is the foundation upon which we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service and care
Mar 7
The blame game has an insidious effect on your business. Find out how to keep it from damaging your team's unity and morale
Feb 15
Help individuals identify their specific love language, and then work to develop an office culture that helps effectively nurture each other and builds on each other’s strengths and love languages
Feb 9
Although they claim to have been the first to offer a fried chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A realized that anyone else could offer a competing product. Therefore, they focused on developing an unbeatable customer experience
Feb 1
Charting your course is essential for navigating effectively. Create a set of beliefs and practices to help your company navigate through the unknown waters of the market
Jan 23
When markets get tough, and 2023 is certainly shaping up that way, it's the professionals who come out in the winner’s circle while the amateurs are left standing on the sidelines
Jan 11
These are the top closing techniques well-versed agents worth memorizing to handle potential objections from buyers and sellers
Dec 22