Carl's Stories

Some hopeful homesellers refuse to acknowledge the new market realities. Here are some scripts that can help when working with unrealistic clients
Sep 22
The recent uptick in canceled contracts reveals that buyers with tepid toes have begun actively looking for valid ways to terminate their purchases
Sep 14
A systematic approach to business growth offers the financial and professional rewards you're looking for without the pain points you fear
Aug 30
Whether it's a carefully preserved showplace or a money pit, a historic property can offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the right buyer
Aug 24
In a shifting market, the right price is everything. Here's how to make sure you're helping your sellers crunch the numbers effectively from the get-go
Aug 16
Real estate agents who can provide accurate, up-to-date and meaningful market data can become the agent of choice when local buyers and sellers decide to move. Here's how
Aug 11
If you do not currently have a database, it is time to start. To ignore your CRM is to leave a significant opportunity untapped
Aug 1
In an overheated seller’s market, it does not take a rocket scientist to sell a home. However, as the market turns, the need for real skill emerges
Jul 18