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Because they're often distracted by shiny objects, homebuyers might be missing out on opportunities to purchase with little or no competition. Here are a few things agents can do to help clients adapt their behaviors and increase their chances of success
Today 2:00 A.M.
Effective leaders understand that conflicts will arise, and they can effectively channel that energy into positive solutions that foster a healthy team. Learn how to use conflict to propel your team forward
Aug 3
Even with COVID-19 restrictions, buyers still want to visit homes in person. They are, however, using online pictures, marketing and 3D tours to dramatically shortlist the homes they will actually visit. Here's how to make your listing stand out
Jun 7
This year brought significant changes in the way homes are bought and sold. To accommodate this new reality, sellers need to be prepared — and agents need to provide the necessary coaching. Here are five important steps
May 18
What constitutes an unreasonable repair request? Here's how to prevent your transaction from blowing up
Nov 14
Focus on 'needs' versus 'wants,' and help clients to see the bigger financial picture
Nov 1
Homeshoppers will likely run for the hills if they see these potential problems
Oct 30
The success of HGTV and the plethora of online information has shifted the ground rules of real estate sales
Jun 16