Compass CEO Robert Reffkin wasn't invited. Opendoor CEO Eric Wu was, but won't attend this year's Future Investment Initiative event
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Asset-backed securities and loan servicing contracts aren't liquid
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Government-hating House Republicans will save us, for the wrong reasons
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What if low interest rates, not healthy economy, are driving new construction?
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SEC had accused Fabrice Tourre of misleading participants in mortgage-linked deal
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Zillow: Affordability depends more on rates than in the past
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As plans for Fannie and Freddie take shape, role of government still subject to debate
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Center for Responsible Lending: Homeownership helps families build wealth
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Commentary: Outstanding mortgages now below $10 trillion for first time since 2005
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Former Treasury official warns US creeping toward nationalization of mortgage market
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Commentary: Mortgage surcharges let lawmakers keep pledges not to raise taxes
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Despite record low rates, demand for purchase loans down from last year
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Banks have stepped up purchase of securities that fund loans
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