Decreasing mortgage rates contributed to the highest volume in mortgage originations in 14 years at a total of $752B, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
by Lillian Dickerson | Feb 12
Buyers in coastal states with high home prices and low inventory experienced the greatest increase in mortgage debt in 2017
by Marian McPherson | Jan 24
Portland, Seattle and Denver continue to lead in annual price growth
by Jennifer Riner | Oct 4
EarnUp automates saving and loan payments
by Teke Wiggin | Jul 7

Picture a home of your own, perhaps with a quintessential white picket fence or a porch in the back with a view. Sound like the setting of a fairy tale? Homeownership might appear increasingly elusive to a large subset of the population, but a whopping $8.74 trillion of U.S. debt (72 percent) is mortgage-related, according to MarketWatch.

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Cities rated by financial awareness website
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Real Estate Connect Speaker Profile: Sean O'Toole
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