Buyers are still fighting hard, despite costly home payments
The monthly mortgage payment on a typical home is more than 50% pricier than it would have been a year ago, according to Zillow's research team, yet competition remains fierce
by Daniel Houston May 19
Mortgage payments shoot past their 2007 highs — and at faster pace
Rising home prices don't always mean higher monthly payments. But as the pandemic-era market wears on, buyers are increasingly feel the squeeze
by Daniel Houston Feb 25
Zillow sharpens Rent Zestimate for homeowners
The refreshed Rent Zestimate has a 5% greater accuracy rate than its previous rendition, according to Zillow
by Lillian Dickerson Aug 23
paying mortgage
For Americans with mortgages, car payments and credit cards, a new TransUnion study shows paying their mortgage was a top priority during the pandemic
by Kelsey Ramírez Apr 26
55% of those who bought homes during the pandemic now regret it
A new survey commissioned by LendEDU found that low rates lured in new buyers, but now many are struggling to pay their mortgage
Rising rents are making it harder to save for a home
Meanwhile homeowners are getting a better deal, according to research from Zillow
by Gill South Nov 30
RealtyTrac reports less than 1 percent of delinquent homes qualify for FHFA program
RealtyTrac Q1 2016 U.S. Home Equity and Underwater Report shows Denver, Austin among top improving markets
by Kimberly Manning May 11
Trulia releases new mortgage app for iOS
Mobile home loan calculator and application focuses on buyer affordability
by Amy Tankersley Feb 29
Couple could lose home after erroneous money deposit
by Benny Kass Jan 10
Infographic may make buyers think twice about down payment
There's an easier way than sending in 2 payments each month
by Benny Kass Jul 26
Part 1: Truth in mortgage disclosure
by Jack Guttentag Jul 11
Part 3: Choosing a mortgage
by Jack Guttentag Jul 5
Will early-warning system make homeowners think twice?
by Ken Harney Apr 26