But the extension only lasts 4 months, the program is $20B in debt, and lawmakers delayed major reforms needed to keep it solvent in the long-term
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 31
Congress has until July 31 to reauthorize the program, otherwise up to 40,000 homeowners are at risk
by Marian McPherson | Jul 13
Jerry Giovaniello will leave the trade association after 37 years of political advocacy
by Patrick Kearns | May 17
Flood insurance, net neutrality, tax reform and FHA loans for condos are chief among legislative issues for 2018
by Patrick Kearns | May 16
A new analysis finds that property at risk of flooding is double the current FEMA risk, and 41 million Americans could be impacted.
by Jotham ​Sederstrom | Mar 16
House passes revised version of National Flood Insurance Program that extends it for five years, carves out exemptions
by Jotham ​Sederstrom | Nov 15
The flood insurance program extension was part of a $15.3-billion hurricane aid package
by Amber Taufen | Sep 8
It's one month before the NFIP is set to expire and a few days before new weather-related claims rules start in Texas
by Amber Taufen | Aug 29
NFIP is getting a slight makeover, and the country's largest trade association weighed in
by Amber Taufen | Jun 30
Federal agency wants to double flood insurance policies by 2023
by Andrea V. Brambila | May 17
The most powerful trade organization in the country gears up for its D.C. conference
by Amber Taufen | May 3
Some people don't want to deal with a basement
by Jennifer Riner | Aug 24
What agents and homebuyers should know about special insurance
by Meggen Taylor | May 27
Encouraging, educating clients about flood insurance equates to another service agents can provide
by Erik Pisor | Apr 20
Nearly 21,000 flood insurance policies purchased in November
by Erik Pisor | Jan 8