Respondents to survey may not have thought 'online' included e-signature and email
by Teke Wiggin | Mar 31
Buyers tying up one property, making offers on others in the hopes of obtaining a better deal
by Bernice Ross | May 9
When contingencies are involved, expect the unexpected
by Dian Hymer | Jan 28
Don't assume higher bid is better
by Dian Hymer | Oct 15
Eager buyers employ tactic in high-demand markets
by Dian Hymer | Jun 4
Selling for top dollar may be unrealistic
by Dian Hymer | May 31
Don't place false hopes on a bidding war
by Dian Hymer | May 16
Home Sale Hindsight
by Tara-Nicholle Nelson | Oct 22
Steps sellers can take to maximize chance of sale
by Dian Hymer | Aug 16
Failed sales lead to suspicions about agent foul play
by Benny Kass | May 11