When affordability or credit issues raise questions for homebuyers, knowing a trusted lender can make you the go-to agent
by Ray Brousseau | May 15
A new administration in Washington, growing demand from young families and lenders committed to the non-QM market are creating a new lending environment
by Steve Cook | Feb 7
Inventory and price realities aren’t dimming buyers’ hopes
by Ray Brousseau | Jan 11
Government loans can help victims rebuild or replace their homes
by Ray Brousseau | Dec 8
Clients with lower credit scores can still become homeowners
by Ray Brousseau | Nov 1
With low inventory plaguing the market, buyers should consider homes in need of repair
by Ray Brousseau | Jun 29
Make sure your clients have access to the latest online lending offerings
by Ray Brousseau | Dec 28
As distressed property issues fade and sales increase, consumers need more mortgage options
by Ray Brousseau | Aug 23
Knowledge of all the factors involved will help buyers determine when the time is right
by Ray Brousseau | May 6
Although credit availability remains challenging, non-bank and non-prime options offer solutions
by Ray Brousseau | Feb 24
The recent reduction in premiums has yet to spur a significant increase in sales
by Ray Brousseau | Dec 4
Increased rates could decrease the number of qualified buyers as well as sales prices
by Ray Brousseau | Nov 5
Your clients’ financing might be affected by moving to a new area
by Ray Brousseau | Sep 17
With affordability rates declining, buyers might want to make their move before they get priced out
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As traditional homebuyers return, it might be time to revisit mortgage fundamentals
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