Attempts to compete directly with the leading portals — from both upstarts and financially strong runner-up portals — have met with limited success
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Being the place where consumers go to start their property search, even with alternate options, often yields more effective results
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Move and REA Group raked in $18M, but foreign currency fluctuations diminished News Corp.’s overall quarterly revenue by 8%, according to an earnings call Thursday
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The parent company of realtor.com operator Move Inc., said in its Q3 2019 earnings that it grew real estate services revenues despite 'volatility in the U.S. and Australian property markets'
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Tracey Fellows, who served as CEO of News Corp.'s REA Group, will now lead department over realtor.com
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As part of the deal, REA Group will invest $50 million (U.S. dollars) into the company
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Trulia and Australian listing portals REA Group and Domain have developed Apple Watch apps
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