We can't always spot a bad apple from afar. But here are a few situations when you should say adios
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When buyers first walk through the door, they're bringing with them a lot of false truths. It's your job to open their eyes
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Although real estate is an indispensable part of the American economy and people's lives, are the services provided by agents essential to survival? This might be a matter of want versus need
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As the real estate industry finds its footing, what should an independent broker do to ensure minimal business disruption? The answer: Start by focusing on your agents
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The deal appears to provide direct payment assistance, expand unemployment and generate small business loans
by Patrick Kearns Mar 25
The Change.org petition asks federal and state lawmakers to provide financial aid to real estate agents who aren't protected by the current stimulus bill
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Found the right talent for your company? Here's a checklist for keeping new agents satisfied, productive and ready to meet any challenges head-on
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Some come armed with iBuyer bids they present, and others paint such offers as invariably inferior
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The most annoying behavior is creating more work for agents without creating a mutually beneficial relationship
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Improve your productivity and boost your mood by making 4 simple changes
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Taking a little time to laugh (even if it’s just to keep from crying) is a surefire way to relieve stress
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Oh, just another day in the life
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The skateboarder acts as a spokesperson for the flat-fee California real estate brokerage, but other agents aren't amused
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A poll commissioned by the discount brokerage Purplebricks found only 11% of respondents view the profession as trustworthy
by Lew Sichelman Sep 27
'Korean Yang Kyoungjong fought with Japan against the USSR,' reads one of the posts. 'He then fought with the USSR against Germany. Then with Germany against the US! Want an agent who fights for you, call me!'