Realtors praise Biden infrastructure plan's focus on housing shortage
The American Jobs Plan proposes building and retrofitting more than 2M homes and commercial buildings
Second stimulus package could roll back property tax deductions
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly mulling a rollback of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap implemented by changes to the tax code under President Trump
by Patrick Kearns Mar 31
House narrowly passes temporary repeal of SALT deduction cap
The California Association of Realtors praised the passage of the bill, which lifts the cap imposed by Trump's 2017 tax reform
by Patrick Kearns Dec 20
House Speaker Paul Ryan Holds Weekly News Conference At The Capitol
The final text of the bill marking the biggest change to the U.S. tax structure in decades has been released
Nearly 3 of 4 student loan holders believe their debt delays homeownership
Potential buyers are deterred because they can't save for a down payment, don't feel financially secure or fail to qualify for a mortgage
by Caroline Feeney Jun 13