Billionaire-backed discounter shuts brokerage offices
After shuttering offices in Honolulu, San Diego and Phoenix, the firm now plans to deploy a franchise-like brokerage model while focusing on funding mortgages
by Teke Wiggin Jan 18
Fast-expanding SRE Matrix launches mortgage brokerage
Latest bid by a high-tech real estate firm to become a 'one-stop shop' for homebuyers
by Teke Wiggin May 15
connection concept
Hybrid brokerage has further developed its business model and technology
by Teke Wiggin Jan 31
A stack of $100 bills
'It's obvious we're not going away,' says SRE Matrix's vice president.
by Teke Wiggin Aug 30
Opinion: How to be a totally fearless real estate agent
The conscious professional doesn't wither against competition
by Eric Putoto Jan 15
Zillow Hawaii
Billionaire's Hawaii brokerage has raised $100M, and is now bringing its tech and discount rates to the mainland
by Teke Wiggin Dec 30