Five members of the Inman community share their tactics for success during this time
by Inman May 22
With summer inching closer and the season's activities being canceled, kids are experiencing a lot more unstructured time, and parents today are more distracted than ever. Here are some child safety tips agents can send to their SOI
by Troy Palmquist May 21
Whether you're preparing for a Zoom meeting or a transition back to the office when stay-at-home orders lift, knowing how to dress the part might be the key to closing the deal
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Every house has a different story to tell. How do you make sure you're representing it well through video? Here are a few examples of different video styles and what makes them stand out
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During these unprecedented times, it's important for agents to do everything they can to protect themselves and their buyers from unwanted surprises. Here are a few things you can do
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Missing your team? Get everybody on the same page — and make quarantine more productive — with a brokerage-wide book club
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The classic board game is becoming a stay-at-home entertainment staple. Here are all the valuable lessons you can explore by playing
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The challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak — and the response to it — are creating an economic downturn ripe for recession. How can agents, teams and brokers be ready to face it?
by Christy Murdock Mar 29
COVID-19 disruptions expose an uncomfortable truth — many brokers are not prepared for changes to business as usual. What can you do to build resilience into your brokerage? 
by Troy Palmquist Mar 17
A cautionary tale exemplifies the importance of vetting sellers to determine if they'll be willing clients or a huge headache
by Troy Palmquist Mar 12
It can happen to the best of us. I know because it happened to me
by Troy Palmquist Feb 27
If your listing is not dialed in, buyers will notice
by Troy Palmquist Feb 20
Agent appreciation month is over, let’s treat the staff
by Troy Palmquist Feb 13
As they say, an image is worth a thousand words
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This week, Troy Palmquist juggles his growing indie brokerage, his investment business and time with his family
by Inman Jan 30