Zillow flexes in the face of a cooling market: DelPrete
Zillow and Realtor.com's Q1 results shine a light on two key factors: overall revenue growth is slowing and Zillow's next-gen lead gen business, Zillow Flex, is building momentum
by Mike DelPrete May 10
Zillow's Flex model offers 'next gen lead gen': Mike DelPrete
Zillow's new strategy has the company going back to its roots, doubling down on agent lead gen, and extracting more revenue from real estate commissions
by Mike DelPrete May 5
'Zillow, it's not me, it's you' Part 2: Premier Agent leads are weak
Premier Agent leads have slipped, says real estate agent Meg Jones Mullin in her follow-up break-up letter to Zillow. She and others sound off
by Meghan Mullin Nov 12
How to use Zillow to grow your business in 2021
Find out how Zillow has managed pandemic-fueled increases in online traffic while enhancing services to agents and customers
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'Grit, tenacity and desire': 5 mega team leaders on scaling for success
Inman recently spoke with some of the country's top mega team leaders to learn more about the secret sauce behind how their teams continue to grow. Here's how they do it
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 24
OJO Labs launches exclusive referral network for 'top' agents
The company will pre-vet consumers and provide AI-fueled insight to real estate agents
by Patrick Kearns Sep 24