Skyler360 helps real estate agents gauge buyer interest

Taking us one step closer to artificial intelligence, this service is what Tony Stark would invent if he were a real estate agent
  • Buyer agents are being provided an ever-growing suite of tools to automate critical steps in their process.

Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Skyler360 is an automated lead management system. Platform(s): Browser-based, agnostic Ideal for: Agents and teams looking to improve prospect screening and mobile marketing Top selling points Automated follow-ups Highly detailed transaction step tracking Customization of email and text scripts Things to consider The software is all about productivity, not looks. It's like a pre-2015 Subaru WRX -- hard to look at, but impressively capable. Full review Skyler360 was developed out of the need for better screening apartment tenants. Ron Sasson asked himself, how can a landlord limit his or her time interacting with unqualified tenants? The solution was to not interact with them at all. Skyler360 automates the early steps of lead cultivation by communicating with prospects via text and email. Each response by the potential buyer initiates a...