How to go from 'viral' to 'vital' as a real estate agent

Marketing expert Matthew Ferrara schools agents on social media tactics
  • "The ultimate strategy is not to go viral but to become so important to someone, that they look forward to seeing your next post," Matthew Ferrara said.
  • Posting nothing but news items and listings is usually a mistake.
  • You can do this by "opening the kimono" to give your audience an idea of what's happening in your own life.
  • Inspirational posts are more likely to be shared; use your own quotes for extra marketing power.
  • Listen your way into a sale by paying attention to what's happening in your sphere and reaching out at appropriate times (retirement and so on).

LAS VEGAS — “In the old days, it used to be that we were the controllers of the interrupt,” said Matthew Ferrara on stage in a session at One21, Century 21’s conference.