Nextdoor contemplates foray into paid advertising

The hyperlocal social network is researching revenue possibilities, which makes some agents nervous
  • Now five years old, Nextdoor is looking for ways to monetize, which may include advertising opportunities for real estate agents.
  • Nextdoor has a presence in nearly 70 percent of all the neighborhoods in the country, approximately 100,000 total.
  • Agents and all business are discouraged from promoting themselves on Nextdoor currently, but you can make connections and establish yourself as a market expert.

“You don’t want to ruin it with ads because ads aren’t cool,” a member of Facebook’s early inner circle argues in The Social Network. This line, as a cinematic portrayal of the dilemma facing “Thefacebook” founders before it blew up, represents the crux of so many internet startups: knowing when and how to turn vanity metrics like registered users into revenue (without scaring off dedicated followers).