Brian's Stories

The strongest influence on an organization’s culture will unquestionably be the leader’s motives, intent, character, style, personality and passion. Here's why it's important to foster a first-rate business culture — and how to do it
Apr 15
During quarantine, most real estate professionals had to learn new skills and adopt some major changes. But when it's all behind us, what tools, habits and concepts are we going to keep forever, and which ones are we going to forget?
May 28
Being involved in your community and staying visible and personable is crucial to staying relevant
Nov 5
Paying a compliment is always done for the other, and it exhibits tremendous confidence
Jan 17
Agent teams can be a great asset for brokerages, and vice versa, if all parties play their cards right
May 31
How to keep your cool when everyone else is losing it
May 19
The final step in accomplishing real paperlessness
Mar 29
Keeping things moving is key to your success as a paperless agent
Mar 22