Treat everyone like they’re your only real estate client, not ‘leads’

Broker Notebook

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Being a real estate agent doesn’t have to be about capturing thousands of leads on the Internet so that we can convert a small percentage of them into customers. That just doesn’t sound like fun for me, and I don’t know of anyone who wants to be a lead. I don’t have to be in the lead capture business to have business. I don’t capture "leads." I constantly look for business opportunities through people I know, and from the strangers I write to on my real estate blog. The strangers who find me on the Internet capture me. Before I know it, I am responding to their emails, phone calls and text messages. I may even miss dinner as I get swept into their search for a home or home sale. I love the variety of work that comes my way as a real estate agent, and the wonderful people I meet. The best days are the days when I can help someone. Sometimes I think we lose touch with what our jobs are really about. After a recent closing when I asked my clients what they thought...