The 9 biggest mistakes real estate agents make with online lead generation

Eliminate these errors, and you'll change your business
  • Focus on your future clients, not the search engines.
  • Too much automation will kill your lead generation.
  • If you don't know your avatar, all your efforts are pointless.

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I recently asked my community of agents what they were struggling with when it came to strategically using Facebook. Imagine my surprise when the answers I got back (and I got hundreds of responses) were more focused on something called "content marketing" rather than on Facebook directly. I speak with many agents in my community about how to capture, convert and close Facebook leads, so it was eye opening to see their struggles with blogging and lead generation. I noticed some trends though, and I’m going to share them with you. There were nine things that really stood out to me -- essentially, the nine biggest mistakes real estate agents are making online. Syda Productions / 9. Not having a blog One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make is not having a blog. For whatever reason -- whether it's fear of doing it wrong, not knowing how to start one, not having the money to pay for it, not knowing what to put on it, believing that over-satu...