Marketing a private island in South Florida

At the southernmost point of the US a private island is for sale
  • Ballast Key, nine mile south of Key West, is for sale for $15,800,000.
  • The property has hosted literary and cultural notables over the years.
  • The private island market did not see the same downturn as did other parts of the real estate market.

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What is it like to sell a private island? And, not only any private island - one with a storied past? Listed now is Ballast Key, truly the southernmost point in the U.S., as it is nine miles south of Key West. The island is private - only accessible by boat or helicopter. It comprises 26 acres, with a primary home of 3,904 square feet, which includes eight bedrooms, five full and three half baths. The master suite is meticulously designed in such a way that it provides both sunrise and sunset views. It is the only private island within the Key West National Wildlife Reserve. The closest neighbors are eight miles away. Self-sufficiency is the mantra here, as the island has its own desalination facility. But if company comes calling, there is a three-bedroom guest house close by. The tranquil home has attracted quite the list of glitterati over time, and even had a cameo in the James Bond movie License to Kill. The island’s owner, Key West stalwart David Wolkowsky, h...