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Canadian agent Patrick Gillis shares practical tips for getting comfortable with marketing and building a referral business
Jul 6

Your brand is your business in real estate. It’s everything including the way you carry yourself daily, your website, your closing and communication with a client after a sale.

Aug 25

Instagram has been dominating 2017. The platform updates regularly, it recently hit over 700 million monthly users, and over 250 million users are using the stories feature daily.

Jul 13

Creating video isn’t an option when it comes to successful marketing for real estate agents — it’s a necessity. Here are 3 things you need to overcome.

Jun 28

You can’t pay $29 month to have a company take care of your social media posting and expect the world in return. You’re going to be disappointed.

Feb 10

Next year is in the headlights, and marketing directors across the country are getting their budgets ready for the new year. Brokerages have a massive opportunity in 2017, not only for themselves (at a corporate level) but also for their agents.

Dec 12

Instagram stole some momentum from Snapchat with its latest update, which allows for self-deleting stories (after 24 hours). This is especially exciting for real estate pros who were just starting to get the hang of Snapchat, as Instagram created, essentially, a carbon copy of Snapchat’s story feature.

Aug 29