It’s time to stop marketing like it’s 2005

Instead, start investing in your audience's preferred advertising methods
  • Stop spending money on ineffective marketing methods.
  • A small audience is still an audience. Don't get discouraged by 20, 30 or 40 reads.
  • If you're not committed to the long game, don't play when it comes to social media.

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Agents, it's time to stop marketing like it's 2005. Because it's not. Yet real estate agents and brokerages are still latching onto traditional ineffective marketing like it is. Let me explain. According to, in 2005 the average email open rate in real estate was 28 percent. In 2014, that number was 13 percent. That's a 50-percent decrease in a little less than 10 years. But why? People are inundated with daily emails including work-related messages, promotions and outright spam. As the amount of email consumers receive increases, the window to grab their attention gets smaller. Snapshot of my promotions inbox What's even more insane is that real estate agents spent $312 million nationwide on direct mail last year. With 44 percent of direct mail going unopened according to, that's flushing roughly $137 million down the toilet. We've worked with clients who have gotten access to big mail lists and asked for our company's ad...