7 things that sabotage your Facebook lead generation

  • Sometimes what we think is the right thing to do is really the worst thing we can do.
  • It's the little things that make the biggest difference in our results.
  • Don't invest time, energy and money without understanding the outcome.

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I see it all the time: Real estate agents perplexed about why their Facebook lead generation efforts aren't bringing any of the promised rewards. Namely, leads. Closings. But here's the kicker: They haven't set up their presence to generate leads. For the most part (and this isn't even their fault), they've done what they know -- and that's not much -- because no one is showing agents what they need to do to get targeted, valuable leads from Facebook. We've been fed a load of gibberish about branding and exposure and conversations and reach and engagement and absolutely nothing tangible -- nothing that leads us anywhere except in circles. Of course, some vendors have popped up that provide "automated resources" for us that fill in the gaps of all that gibberish I mentioned above. But, because it's gibberish, guess what? Most of what these vendors are providing are a colossal waste of our money. I hate to call these mistakes because the agents committing them simply don...